The new i-Tug has all of the benefits of a regular tow tractor, but it’s 100% electric. A product designed by a Ground Support Equipment expert, it’s suited for the harsh environment of ramp life. A tractor with real life thought put into every area of the product from the rear deck for last-minute bags, strollers or trash, to the spacious simply designed cockpit area; easily and fully manageable through AGS telematics GPS System. Charged in a standard 110V-240V wall outlet, the i-Tug is the best electric tow tractor on the market today. The most exciting piece of ground support equipment to grace the GSE market for years.

Model:                                                 i-Tug

Max towing capacity:                    30,000lbs/15Tons

Draw bar pull:                                 4,000lbs/1815kg

Drive speed:                                     18MPH/29 KM/h

Volts:                                                   80

Motor:                                                 30 HP

Weight w/batteries:                     4,500lbs

Weight without batteries:          3,000lbs

Ground clearance:                          5.8”

Wheels/Tires:                                  12” x 4”

Brakes:                                                Frt disk/Rear drum

Suspension:                                      Springs

Drive:                                                  Direct coupled

Outside turning radius:                127”

Gear reduction:                               17,5 : 1

Battery capacity:                             480-620ah


Options available including: full cab, battery selections.

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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