GSE Telematic Solution
Designed for monitoring, planning, reporting.

GSE telematic solution provides many features for the full fleet management including automatic and customized reports on a real time basis.
The system is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, online, and accessible via web from any computer or smartphone.


Your needs
› Monitor and reduce operating costs
› Ensure policy compliance
› Ensure that only authorized staff can use GSE
› Improve efficiency, with planning and fleet sizing
› Ensure efficiency and availability of vehicles
› Total control of your fleet
Our solution
› Monitoring and reporting for: refueling, vehicle use,
› Set behavioural rules for drivers, reports with data
on driver activities
› On board driver authentication before vehicle start
› Daily activities schedule according to flight
› Remote engine diagnosis with real-time alerts,
automated maintenance management, detailed
reporting historical maintenance
› Real-time tracking, daily reports for each activity



A GPS black box installed in the vehicle transmits real time data, including position, operating status,
driver information and others.
Data is available via the web-based app, that can be accessed by operators via any connected device
(tablet, smartphone, pc)



› Maintenance:
Planning, Actual Status and Costs
› Fleet Planning:
Future and day by day use, according to flight
› Cost reduction:
GSE use (Fuel and maintenance)
› Full control:
Know where your GSE is at any time and track its
› Availability:
With remote diagnosis, mechanics can act before the
GSE is necessary to be used on the ramp
› Safety:
Only authorized staff can start the GSE
› Secure Login for every user
› Online and available 24/7
› Daily reports

The major benefits can be achieved by any single operator of motorized equipment: Airport Authorities,Airlines, Ground Handlers and any other motorized vehicle Operator.
The fleet can be tailored in the system to meet all customer requirements. For example: by type of equipment, byterminal where the equipment is used, or any other combination that is useful for the client.
Transparent customer relations, all documents and fleet information are available online through secure login to allour customers.